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The reliability and cost effectiveness of IT systems, IT investments, IT change projects and IT services delivery are key to the success of any business. In order to ensure this happens and the value of IT is realized, some form of technology Governance is required. IT Governance is a subject discipline of Corporate Governance focused on information technology (IT) systems, their performance and risk management. CITS provides IT governance frameworks in order to ensure that IT supports and accelerates the organizations strategies and objectives. We help in making sure that IT is a competitive differentiation of clients we serve.To be able to deliver as per our clients requirement, CITS performs a walk-through with the clients on the IT space to look at available risks and controls. Then we will put those requirements and standards in writing so that the client assured of getting a high quality service.

Our concentration area on our IT Governance frameworks implementation is centered on Value, Risk and Control. This is done by looking at the key IT resources such as applications, infrastructure, information and people. As the end products of our IT Governance frameworks implementations, we do put in place internal control systems or framework. This include IT strategies, polices, processes, detailed work instructions (procedures) and standards to govern people in performing their crucial IT functions. We also put in place monitoring mechanisms to review the performance of IT against value delivery to business, risk management and performance of the controls implemented At the end of the project when we walk away from clients door steps, we leave an environment which business requirements drives investment in IT resources that are used by IT processes to deliver enterprise information which respond to business requirements.

As part of our service delivery, we do empower internal people by providing much needed training and hence we leave behind an IT department which is strategically aligned with the organization. This helps in delivering value to business while providing guide to the management of both human and IT resources. Furthermore, Risks are always proactively managed and the departments performance remains measurable in all dimensions.