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CAPro is an asset management system, with the name standing for Corporate Asset Pro. It is wholly developed by CITS. The name ‘asset’ entails the entire inventory owned by an organization. The system has three sections; first, assets, which includes pithy tracking of asset purchase value, book value, transaction between locations or departments, movement among staff, maintenance costs and history, and asset disposal. As well, fleet, which studies car’s fuel consumption trend, is fully tracked. Second, the application manages properties owned or rented by an organization. It centralizes management of landlord-tenant/vendor contracts, available spaces for expansion/rent in properties, payment tracking and debt status, and a centralized platform to coordinate landlord, tenant and vendor responsibilities.

Third, the application provides a platform for users to report incidents to specific parties (to vendors and internal manpower) no matter their physical location. The inflicted party can just use their phone to camera-pick the problem and immediately send it out. A reported issue is immediately, through the system, handed over to responsible parties, including vendors via emails and phone notifications. As for scheduled maintenance, an open incident will keep giving updates to concerned parties until when closed. Finally, the application has a mobile phone version that, above all things, facilitates conducting audits of assets. Audits verify the authenticity of what is in the system against what one finds on the ground, such as its location, functioning status, and asset ownership.

CAPro Modules

  • Asset Lifecycle Management – Tracking asset lifecycle from procurement to disposal while tracking transactions, events and costs against it
  • Property/Facility Management – Track costs, utilization and value for the facility
  • Procurement Management – Automate procurement applications and approval, order confirmation and supplier management
  • Contract, SLA and warranty Management– Manage contracts and service delivery performance of third parties while managing contract terms, expiry, etc.
  • Fleet Fuel Efficiency tracking– MobileApp to assist in registering and tracking fuel consumption by each car
  • Asset book value tracking – Automatically keep book value of assets
  • Asset Incident Reporting – Report incidents online and assign resolution tasks to employees and service providers online
  • Maintenance Tracking – Track all maintenance events and their associated costs for the entire asset life cycle
  • Asset Auditing – Use a mobile phone to scan and identify assets availability, misplacement, book value, etc.
  • What else? – CAPro can be customized to meet client needs

CAPro Features

  • A web-based application with global access
  • Android based mobile version .Registration and storage of information of assets of different types
  • Association of each asset with unique tag number
  • Tracking of depreciating asset book value
  • Management of maintenance schedule, cost and history
  • Management of asset movement among staff
  • Management of asset movements among locations
  • Management of the asset disposal process
  • Management of asset check in/out
  • Management of SLAs or contracts with asset vendors
  • Reporting and tracking asset faults through the system
  • Fleet management: fuel consumption analysis
  • Tenant—landlord contractual relationship management
  • Property utilization management
  • Physical verification of assets using mobile phone scanners

CAPro Benefits

    • Seamlessness – Supports customization & integration with other systems
    • Productivity – Task Assignments, Performance Management
    • Security – Microsoft Windows Active Directory Integration
    • Cost-effectiveness – No barcode scanners, flexible
    • Scalability – Supports growth & expansion
    • Flexibility – anywhere, on-the-go
    • Traceability – Audi Trail