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CiPAY is a Human Resources (HR) and Payroll web based application wholly developed by CITS. The application streamlines the management of HR and payroll aspects of an institution of any size or operational dynamics. It centralizes the recruitment and exit processes of the staff, as well as smoothing the vagaries of managing a volatile, large or small, staff portfolio, including bio-data and professional details. The application handles leave application and approval process, policy based-loan/advance salary application and approval, attendance management, corporate policy performance analysis, line-manager/subordinate task management, association of pay with all relevant benefits and deductions such as PAYE, HESLB, and NHIF, to mention some.

The application has numerous reports, which makes the analysis of all HR aspects of any organization manageable and comprehensive. Among them are tracking the entire history of leave and loan applications, graphically ranking staff members according to performance in a chosen period, periodically learning, graphically, the trend of productivity of each staff member, as well as pay slips through which a staff member can learn their contributions to pension funds, HESLB, etc. graphical Payroll reports present a platform to learn historically the proportion of payments and deductions, and the trend of employment cost. The time-based analytical comparison of productivity against employment cost—both at individual and corporate levels—grants management the window through which informed decision about the company can be made before it is too late.

CiPAY Modules

      • Workforce Management- Employee bio-data and documents management, workforce planning and forecasting, overtime and shift management, employee self service
      • Payroll Compensation and reword management, statutory reports generation, online loan/advance salary application and approval
      • Earning & development - Knowledge gap analysis, training application and approval, training budget management
      • Performance management- Task Assignment and Tracking, automated and manual performance grading, Performance Improvement Programme
      • Recruitment management - Online applications, applicant database management, interview registration and grading, benchmarking offers with job-grade, formal job offer letter generation, role profile generation, orientation and confirmation
      • HR Operations - Assets assignment , Asset transfer and de-assignment, online leave application and approval, time attendance, grievances and disciplinary management, staff medical benefit management, retirement and contract expiration alerts, exit management

CiPAY Features

      • Web-based system with global access
      • Registration and secure storage of employee contracts, personal and academic details
      • Automation of leave application and approval process according to internal policy
      • Automation of loan/advance salary application and approval according to internal policy
      • Automation of task assignment by line manager to underlings .Automated staff exit process
      • Automated task progress monitoring by line manager, until closure
      • Automated performance evaluation according to internal policy
      • Automated staff attendance capturing
      • Automated and customizable payroll that includes all relevant taxes, including HESLB
      • Leave status reports for staff within a selected period
      • Loan status reports for staff within a selected period
      • Graphical analysis reports on staff performance within a selected period
      • Graphical reports to compare staff productivity
      • Monthly payroll reports
      • Analytical reports on loan status within a selected period

CiPAY Benefits

    • Seamlessness– Supports customization & integration with other systems
    • Productivity– Task Assignments, Performance Management
    • Security – Microsoft Windows Active Directory Integration
    • Cost-effectiveness – No barcode scanners, flexible
    • Scalability – Supports growth & expansion
    • Flexibility – anywhere, on-the-go
    • MIS – Reports & notifications
    • Traceability – Audi Trail