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ProTherm is an abbreviation of Productivity Thermometer, a software application whose main functionality is analyzing the productivity of the staff. It tracks assignment procedures between line managers and subordinates, showcases progress of open assignments, and converts productivity into monetary terms based on the daily employment cost of each staff. Through the system, staff can work on assignments by setting a stopwatch or timer—which is key in assessing how much time each staff spends on doing what, and hence productivity. Likewise, the system manages invoice generation plus tracking payment trends by clients/service providers.

The system has numerous reports that include timely analysis of productivity by staff in general, productivity of staff on a particular assignment, monetary contribution of each staff in a given period, assignments done by staff in a given period, and payment status of each client vis-à-vis open or closed assignments. The system can further associate each line manager with the productivity of his/her subordinates. The amount of work done by, and the equivalent monetary value of, the subordinates can be tied to respective line-managers, which in turn provides a picture of the performance of line manager through those he manages. With the ability to manage contract values, the system can automatically compare costs incurred in running a project against the value agreed upon with the client. 


.Web-based with global access
.Management of the procedure to assign tasks to staff by the line manager
.Tracking of time spent by staff on each task
.Analysis of staff productivity for a selected timeframe
.Analysis of employment cost against the productivity of a staff member
.Keep and track the activity of contracts with vendors
.Manage invoice generation
.Manage the payment record and history of each client
.Manage the generation of payment slips for payments made in whole or installments
.Assess the costs incurred against the payment by the client as agreed in the contract
.Report on which staff spent what amount of time on what assignment
.Track and manage performance analysis according to company policy
.Conversion of time-spent by staff to monetary value based on each staff’s hourly rate
.An audit trail


In case some or all of the following questions are relevant to your organization, ProTherm is for you

.You have no globally accessible platform to manage the productivity of your staff?
.You lack a platform to track and manage how work is assigned to staff, progress monitored, and finally closed?
.Your workforce has no platform to input how much time has been spent on what activity?
.You have no platform to run a time-based report on the productivity of each staff?
.Your organization cannot reliably run a time-based report to compare productivity against staff’s employment cost?
.You agree with the client on what their work is going to cost, but you can’t tell if you are spending more time on their work than the contract value?
.You cannot track and tell which staff in your organization deserves appreciation for a selected period?
.You have no platform to automatically convert one’s hourly input into monetary value?
.You can’t tell which department/ section is wobbly in terms of productivity?
.You have no platform to manage the billing cycle with your clients?
.You are caught unprepared by the expiration of vendors’/clients’ contracts/SLAs
.You have a system in place that cannot track who did what when they were