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On site Server installation of Exchange Mailing System and Active Directory Domain Controller:

The Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) is an Executive Agency under the Ministry of Works, established under section 3(1) of the Executive Agencies Act (Cap 245) and came into operation in July, 2000. The Agency is responsible for the maintenance and development of the trunk and regional road network in Tanzania Mainland.

CITS engineers worked with TANROADS to understand the technical needs for improving their mailing system and active directory domain contoller..CITS delivered a quality installation  of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and:-

  • Installed and Configred Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP2
  • Designed and Installed Microsoft Exchange Server, High Availability.
  • Installed Microsoft Exchange Server 2012 system archiving and Backup
  • Installed and Configured Domain Controller (Directory Services 2008).


Installation of Voice Network system for Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT):

The FSDT was established by five government donors: Canada, the UK, Sweden, Netherlands and Denmark, in close collaboration with the Bank of Tanzania and the Government of Tanzania. The overall aim of the Trust is to provide greater access for more people to engage with the financial sector throughout Tanzania. This objective ties in closely with MKUKUTA and the Government's Second Generation Financial Sector Reform Programme. The Trust thus contributes to delivering many of the Government's poverty reduction strategies

Challenges that FSDT was facing:

  • Persistent voice network downtimes (Outgoing and Incoming lines)
  • High cost to FSDT due to outgoing calls (both local and international)
  • High cost to customers (Incoming calls restricted to a single TTCL line)

CITS Integrated their ordinary telephone system PBX with GSM network. We performed the installation of the GSM network system as per the client requirements and give the below benefits and high availability of telephone communication system to our clients:

The Cost cutting:

  • The tariffs available from mobile phone companies make calling mobile phones on all networks very cost effective
  • Average calling same network is 1 Tsh/Ps
  • Average calling other network is 4 Tsh/Ps
  • Average saving after implementation is 3 Tsh/Ps equivalent to 75%


  • No single point of failure due to voice infrastructure failures
  • Multiple Outgoing and Incoming lines

Mkombozi Commercial Bank

Installation of CCTV Surveillance system at Mkombozi Bank:

Mkombozi Commercial bank PLC is a Microfinance Bank formed by the family of the Catholic Church to support the emerging Tanzanian businesses for provision of financial services. The Head office of Mkombozi bank is based in Dar es Salaam and has embarked an initiative of opening branches across the country.

Mkombozi bank was in a process of opening a branch office at Msimbazi Center and as part of the Bank of Tanzania BOT regulatory requirements, the provision of CCTV and Access control systems was necessary. CITS was contracted to install a state of the art Sony Effio CCTV surveillance system.

CCTV Installation Surveillance System activities:

  • Installation of CCTV Network
  • Installation and setup of Network Video Recorder (NVR)
  • Installation of CCTV surveillance cameras
  • Testing and commissioning of CCTV Surveillance System


Assessment and Implementation of IT Asset Management and Unsupported Infrastructure & Applications Guidelines

This project involved full assessment of existing IT Infrastructure and Application posture and the processes underpinning them. It also involved introduction of IT Guidelines/Standards and processes that governs the introduction, management and decommission of IT Assets, IT Infrastructure and IT Applications in the organization. This was conducted in order to enforce industrial best practices and standards as well as ensuring compliance, reliability and security of the IT Infrastructure and Applications.

Implementation of Voice Logging System

This system is used in recording sensitive transactional based conversations in the bank for compliance purposes. The system can be used in a customer service/call Centre rooms, bank’s dealing rooms, etc to record and store both ways conversations. This system can be used in Banks, Government Institutions, Police Stations, Corruption Prevention Bureaus, Telecom companies insurance companies or any other organizations.

Implementation of Whistleblowing / Anonymous reporting system

This system was implemented to enforce corporate governance in the bank. The system allows people to report grievances or complaints anonymously. These can be external clients or internal employees where they can report misconducts in order to enforce Corporate Governance. This system can be used in Banks, Government Institutions, Police Stations, Corruption Prevention Bureaus, Telecom companies insurance companies or any other organizations.