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Installation of Voice Network system for Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT):

The FSDT was established by five government donors: Canada, the UK, Sweden, Netherlands and Denmark, in close collaboration with the Bank of Tanzania and the Government of Tanzania. The overall aim of the Trust is to provide greater access for more people to engage with the financial sector throughout Tanzania. This objective ties in closely with MKUKUTA and the Government's Second Generation Financial Sector Reform Programme. The Trust thus contributes to delivering many of the Government's poverty reduction strategies

Challenges that FSDT was facing:

  • Persistent voice network downtimes (Outgoing and Incoming lines)
  • High cost to FSDT due to outgoing calls (both local and international)
  • High cost to customers (Incoming calls restricted to a single TTCL line)

CITS Integrated their ordinary telephone system PBX with GSM network. We performed the installation of the GSM network system as per the client requirements and give the below benefits and high availability of telephone communication system to our clients:

The Cost cutting:

  • The tariffs available from mobile phone companies make calling mobile phones on all networks very cost effective
  • Average calling same network is 1 Tsh/Ps
  • Average calling other network is 4 Tsh/Ps
  • Average saving after implementation is 3 Tsh/Ps equivalent to 75%


  • No single point of failure due to voice infrastructure failures
  • Multiple Outgoing and Incoming lines