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Asset Management Solutions

Asset Management Solutions.

What assets do you have in your organization?

Where are they located?

How many of them?

Who has them?

If you canít answer these questions with a few clicks and keystrokes, it may be time to look into a solution that enables you to accurately manage your assets.

CITS provides best industry leading market mobile asset solution for small to medium businesses which will give you the power to answer all these questions.


Our asset Management solution has the following Features

-Check assets in or out to customers and employees

-Assign due-date and due-time when checking assets out

-Transfer asset responsibility to another individual while checked out

-Track assets by site, location, department, item and serial number

-Move assets by location, department, purchase order or custom filter

-Capture purchase order, invoice and warranty details

-Attach any type of file to an asset for easy reference

-  Audit your assets on a PC or mobile device

-It offer 46 pre-built reports which allow you to View, Print and Export

     Export report allows to obtain -Audit report

                                                             -Check-in and Check-out reports.

                                                             -Book values of assets.

                                                             -Maintenance history.

                                                             -Assets by Location report.


Why mobile asset solution from CITS?

-Itís hardware and software are scalable.

-Quick and easy to implement.



  Enjoy the saving and Efficiency in asset management in your Organization.